We are convinced that product development should be aligned with customers and their needs. As a consequence, we have created a showroom in our headquarter in Stralsund. This looks like a patient room and includes two hospital beds and one incubator for premature babies.


Thus, we can develop and test our own innovations in a realistic environment.
The following developments are installed in the showroom:

(1) NosoEx


Wall-mounted dispenser
with NosoEx
sensor module and
showcase tablet,
that shows the dispenser usage in real-time


Bed bracket with PoC sensor, that registers the usage of pump bottles

  • Table top bottle holder (TTBH) including the PoC sensor inside
  • Transponder for 3 groups (e.g. doctors, nurses, therapists)

(2) Incubator Monitoring

  • Incubator „Babyleo“ (Dräger) equipped with sensor modules at all doors
  • Registration of opening time and duration per door
  • Combination with dispenser usage answers this question: Was there a hand disinfection before the incubator opening?
  • Every opening is associated with a contact / treatment
  • Consequently it is an infection risk for the premature baby when there is no prior hand disinfection
  • Details for this use case here

Sensor module besides
the door and magnet
at the hinge for the registration of the
door opening


Visualisation of the incubator opening and the dispenser usage in the showcase app

(3) Patient zone sensor

  • Entries of persons into the patient zone without prior hand disinfection are a risk for the patient to get contaminated or infected as well
  • For this the patient zone sensor can can be applied
  • The sensor is installed at the room ceiling above the bed (see white case above left bed)
  • Optical sensors register situations around the patient bed (e.g. entries and exits, bed occupancy)
  • Time stamps of entries and exits can be combined with time stamps of the dispenser usage
  • Thus, safe and unsafe entries and exists can be registered

The patient zone sensor is a platform technology for more use cases. In addition to optical sensors there are also environmental sensors integrated.


(4) 5 Moments App

The observation of the hand hygiene compliance is usually done with paper and pen. This is complex and consequently the feedback to the healthcare workers is delayed.


The 5 Moments App simplifies the collection and analysis of the compliance data. With a few clicks you can collect the hand hygiene moments according to the WHO.

The results are immediately analyzed and shown in the app. This allows direct feedback to the observed staff and will result in higher learning effects.

(5) Smiley feedback display

Feedback at the point of care is crucial. The smart display detects persons in front of the dispenser and provides immediate visual feedback regarding the dispenser usage.

Initially, the person is detected. Display is turning on and shows an asking smiley.
Person stays in front of the dispenser without using it. Smiley gets sad.
Person is using the dispenser and smiley gets happy.

The feedback functions (e.g. icons, display time) can be configured.

(4) Tracking of blood culture flasks (RTLS)

  • Developed transportation box for 6 blood culture flasks for sepsis diagnose (right)
    • previous transport carrier (left) provides no protection and does not fit into the pneumatic post container (center)
  • Optional upgrade with beacon localisation
    • transport duration from the hospital ward to the laboratory can be registered
  • Details for this use case here
  • Infrastructure for localisation and data transfer
    • Access Points (incl. BLE) of Aruba and Extreme Networks
    • Locators of Quuppa, Minew and IntraPosition
  • Consequently, beacons can be localized that are installed e.g. at medical devices
  • There are beacons in different sizes and shapes
  • These are installed at devices to get the position of them
  • In addition to the tracking of objects it is also possible to track persons (e.g. patients) (see wristbands on the picture)
  • Moreover, the status can be communicated as well by push buttons on certain beacons
  • This feature can be also used to delegate tasks (e.g. push the beacon at the bed means that bed cleaning shall be started)


The creation of the showroom has been possible due to the support of great partners.

Sincere thanks to:


Moreover, the Semmelweis scanner of Hand in Scan is exhibited in our showroom. By doing so, the disinfection quality on the hands can be checked.

We are happy to offer more companies the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions in our showroom.

If you are interested to showcase or visit us please let us know via