Kiilto introduces NosoEx to Scandinavia

The Finnish company Kiilto is market leader in hygiene solutions in the Scandinavian health care. Despite this leading role Kiilto will not rest on the laurels of the success in the last years. Due to the increasing competition in the disinfectant market, novel services for customers are required. Monica B. Gaden, Solutions Manager Healthcare at Kiilto, emphasizes:

“It is important to understand the situation of the healthcare facility. This is the precondition for target-oriented product placement and requires analysis beforehand. NosoEx enables data-based consultancy to our customers.”

This goes hand in hand with the intention of NosoEx. Tobias Gebhardt, Managing Director at GWA Hygiene, says:

“Our credo is “consultancy is all about data”. Instead of manual data collection and reporting infection control teams should focus on the implementation of hygiene measures. The data should be available at the push of a button.”

NosoEx, which has been developed by the GWA Hygiene team, monitors the disinfection behavior by upgrading dispensers with a smart sensor. Consequently, it is registered which dispenser has been used including the dispensed amount of disinfectant at what time. Moreover, this data can be distinguished into job groups (e.g. doctors, nurses, therapists) by providing badges to the health care workers.

Sensor module for dispensers
Badges for healthcare workers

Due to the geographical location of Stralsund, which is the headquarter of GWA Hygiene, the internationalization to the Nordics makes totally sense. “I have a special connection with the Scandinavian countries since I have studied in Denmark. I am therefore particularly pleased about this cooperation with Kiilto.”

Kiilto is market leader in hand and surface disinfection solutions in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with well-known brands such as Kiilto Pro, Erisan Pro, DAX, Antibac and Plum.

Monica B. Gaden adds to this: “The leading market position requires commitment. That is why we want to offer innovative solutions. The cooperation with GWA Hygiene will help us to do that in the digital sector.”