Asset tracking. Indoor navigation. Hygiene management.

What do these three groups of words have in common?

They optimize processes in hospitals and by doing so contribute to patient safety.

Health care workers should not waste time to find medical devices or other assets. Patients and visitors should not wander around in the hospital and have unnecessary contacts because it increases the infection risk. Hand hygiene is key to breaking the chain of infections. But unfortunately, hand hygiene compliance is usually only 50%.

PenguinIN and GWA Hygiene want to tackle these challenges together. Their technologies have a great product fit. PenguinIN decided to introduce the innovative hand hygiene monitoring solution “NosoEx”, that has been developed by GWA Hygiene, to the USA and the MENA countries.

“We have been working with many healthcare facilities introducing our wayfinding and asset tracking platform. A key use case that has tangible ROI is hand hygiene compliance. Being able to know who went where and when are key to ensuring that compliance rules are adhered to. NosoEx has an innovative and cost-effective solution that fits the bill”

commented Mohammed Smadi, managing director of PenguinIN.

Software interface of the PenguinIn solution

Infection prevention is a team sport. Digital solutions are required to better understand infection chains in hospitals. Tobias Gebhardt, managing director of GWA Hygiene, adds:

“We should not leave infection control teams alone with outdated tools. The cooperation with PenguinIN provides a totally new tool set for the hospital management. We are proud to enter new markets outside Europe with such a strong partner.”

Flexible NosoEx sensor technology that can be integrated into the PenguinIn system

About PenguinIN

PenguinIN – a leading indoor positioning provider was founded in 2011 with headquarter in Irvine, CA, USA. Specialized in building multi-technology indoor positioning and tracking solutions, their objective is to digitally transform indoor venues and processes that touch people and assets within. Their solutions can be found in healthcare, theme parks, and enterprise.

About GWA Hygiene

Established in 2015 to develop user-friendly and assistive technologies for hospitals. Focus is on infection prevention to increase patient safety. They have developed a patented IoT solution to monitor hand hygiene behavior. Headquarter in Stralsund, Germany.