Indoor Navigation supported by NosoEx sensors

Navigating in the hospital can be a real challenge for visitors and staff. Time loss and detours, what comes along with avoidable contacts especially during Covid-19, are the consequences.

Technical solution for indoor navigation is mandatory. An app for the smartphone might be helpful. The smartphone needs reference points for the live navigation in the hospital. However, these reference points are only partially available. If there are missing reference points in the hospital infrastructure NosoEx sensors at dispensers can help.

This innovative approach is piloted at the University hospital of Greifswald. The indoor navigation app comes from Catchup Applications.


1 Reference points (beacons)

Beacons (e.g. access points) are already available at the hospital infrastructure. For example, WiFi is provided and VoIP is enabled by that.

In addition to that, these beacons support BLE and are reference points for the indoor navigation app.

However, a full-coverage network is not guaranteed. This would be required for live indoor navigation.

1 Sensor module as reference point

These “blind spots” are covered by NosoEx sensor modules at the hand sanitizers.

If the distance between two beacons is too large, intermediate dispensers are upgraded with sensors.

As a consequence, the smartphone with the navigation app still has the orientation and maintains the live indoor navigation.


Existing dispensers can be upgraded with the exible NosoEx sensor.


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